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About Silniva


Silniva was founded in 2015 by John Carberry with Tim Wilson of Artiman Ventures. 


We started with a question:  

Can we help keep humans comfortable and food cold  while consuming 50% less energy? 

That question led us to explore nano silicon adding two more questions to our journey. 

Can we lower the cost of solar power by another 40%

Can we economically store power in the grid for use during rainy days? 





Reduce the carbon footprint each of us leaves behind.   


Not only because it is the right thing to do


But the better thing to do. 



We are experts on how to  make nano-size silicon structures that  have extremely  high surface areas without oxidation.  


These nano-structures behave quite differently than bulk materials and allow us to efficiently convert light, heat and chemical energy in ways nobody has ever thought of. 


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