About Silniva

Silniva was founded in 2015 by John Carberry & Tim Wilson and backed by Artiman Ventures to develop novel nano-silicon powders, slurries and structures using Silniva's and patented manufacturing technologies.

 Our first products are nano-sized silicon powders & slurries that are >98% free from oxygen and used in to make better ceramics,  allows and silanes/silicons. 


We started the company wiith the goal of reducing the carbon footprint  that burning fossil fuel has on our planet. We are developing silicon thermal cells using our nano silicon slurries. If we pull this off we will replace the vapor compressors used in cooling and create a new industry to tap 200-600C waste heat recovery from fossil fuel combustion. 


Contact Information:   

110 W Old Andrew Johnson Highway
Jefferson City,  TN 37760
(865) 262-0507



Leadership Team

John Carberry 

Founder, President, CTO and BoD

John Carberry has been working on technologies involving silicon, silica and ceramics for over 35 years. Prior positions include founder, CEO and CTO of Diamondview Armor Products, Founder and CEO of Silibond Corporation, Founder and CEO of Neptec Optical Solutions, CEO of Ceramatec, President and COO of Ceradyne and GM of Kyocera's US packaging division.



He is the holder of over 100 patents among which included work on fused silica for melting silicon, cathodes, orthodontic appliances ethyl silicate, ceramics, anode materials and thermal electrics.

Tim Wilson

CEO​,  Board of Directors 

Tim Wilson, Partner at Artiman Ventures, is the founding director of Silniva Inc.