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A new class of thermoelectric cooler and generators

About Us

18% of the world's production of electricity is consumed by vapor compressors used to keep humans, food and electronics cold.  Combusting fossil fuel provides 80% of the word's energy requirement.  68% of the energy contained fossil fuels is lost as waste heat.  Rankin engines and steam turbines are economical options to convert >400C  waste heat back into electricity.  Unfortunately,  high grade waste heat is only 5% of the total and the remaining 95% remains largely untapped. 

Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of cooling and combusting fossil fuel.  We aim to replace vapor compressors with phonovoltaic coolers that consume 25-50% less power and couple phononic generators with combustion engines to increase their overall efficiency by 50%.  

We are building thermoelectric modules that break the "rules" set down 200 years ago by two scientists named Seebeck and Peltier.  In hindsight,  it is no surprise that their equations were wrong.   The discovery of the phonon,  electron,  solar cells, transistors and quantum mechanics came well after their passing. 


Our phonovoltaic devices are designed to move phonons to an event horizon formed by silicon/metal thermal gates. At the event horizon,  phonons can lower their entropy and escape as an electron (generator) or by entanglement with an electron (cooler). 


 Cooler Modules

We have successfully built and tested our first cooler proof of concept achieving a 90C degree delta T between hot and cold side.   We are now developing and testing a 16W alpha cooler module followed by a beta module at 250W which we will sample to lighthouse customers. 

Generator Modules

We are developing a Generator Modules that are capable of operating up to 400 degrees C.  We hope to hit our first generator proof of concept in 3Q 23 with commercialization to follow. 


Tim Wilson-  CEO
John Carberry-  CTO and President 

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